Three Little Words From Your Future Self: Brace, Pace, and Grace

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the BlogHer Creators Summit. During one of the panels, TV journalist Julie Chang interviewed former professional boxer Laila Ali. Early in the conversation, Chang asked Ali: “What would you tell the Laila Ali 100 days ago?” This question nagged at me. What would I have told myself 100 days ago? Find out here.

Live Chat with Hayden Tyler

Hear what Hayden Tyler has to say to RDU on Stage about equity, accessibility, opportunity, and queer visibility on stage and off.

Live Chat with Jacqueline E. Lawton (XIX)

Following a two-day workshopping process of Jacqueline E. Lawton's new play XIX about the role of Black women in the women's suffrage movement, the Women's Theatre Festival is presenting a virtual reading of excerpts from the play during their WTF Fringe Festival. Hear what Lawton has to say in advance of the reading to RDU on Stage.