“When we contextualize what we are looking at, we then have a broader understanding of how we got to where we are.”

Mike Wiley, Playwright, RDU on Stage Podcast

In January 2019, RDU on Stage launched its podcast. A year later, Lauren Van Hemert earned WRAL Viewer’s Choice Award for Best Podcaster. On March 19, 2020, RDU on Stage hosted its first Live Chat. Since then, we have produced over 140 live chats that have been viewed 70,000 times with artists from the Triangle to Broadway to the West End. While many of the early conversations focused on COVID-19 and the effect of the pandemic on the arts community, the killing of George Floyd was the impetus to spotlight issues of racism within the theater community. The launch of TORN, Theater on Racist Negativity, by Juan Isler, calls the community in, rather than calling people out, and invites everyone to the table to have an open dialogue about racism, anti-racist theater practices, and empathy.