Live Chat on Anti-Racist Theatre with Nicole M. Brewer

June 9, 2020 @ 12:00 pm America/New York Timezone
Facebook Live
RDU on Stage

A.R.T i(Anti-Racist Theatre) is defined as practices and policies that do not actively or passively oppress any group of people in any aspect of education or production of theatre. By focusing on racist systems and how they’re fused with current theatre pedagogy and/or policies A.R.T. teaches the contributions of people of color and other marginalized groups to the field of theatre through Conscientious Theatre Training, as well as, reveals the intersectionality of other oppressive practices such as ableism, paternalism, gender & sexual orientation discrimination, bias of indigenous peoples, and sexism with the goal of transforming organizational culture to fully inclusive, multi-cultural, and anti-racist.

Hear what Nicole has to say to Lauren about her practice of Conscientious Theatre Training and how theater companies and artists can begin to affect change within the industry.


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