Social Justice Theater: Columbinus

February 8, 2020 @ 6:00 pm America/New York Timezone
The ArtsCenter Theater
300-G E Main St
NC 27510
Social Justice Theater of the Carolinas

“Columbinus” is a play by the United States Theatre Project written by Stephen Karam and PJ Paparelli. We have chosen this play to commemorate the lives lost in Columbine High School and all school shootings. Since the Columbine shootings over 200 people have been killed in school shootings in the US.

If it is possible to repair the frayed social fabric in our country, an eyes-wide-open look at modern life as is woven into the play “columbinus” may spur discussion–a necessary first step toward widespread understanding and then, hopefully, positive action.

This play is important because it deftly unites rather than divides. Instead of focusing on hot-button topics like gun control, columbinus focuses on questions such as those the author, P.J. Paparelli, included in the forward:

– How do we treat each other?
– Why do we treat each other the way we do?
– Why do kids, who will soon ask these questions about their kids,
continue to treat each other the same way?
– Why does this cycle never change, even after the kids themselves
resort to bombs and guns and butchering their fellow students to prove
a point?
– Why do we look for an easy answer- a pill to take, a program to turn
off- when we know in our hearts that something deep inside us has to
– What are we afraid of?”

These types of questions create dialogue and bring communities closer rather than divide.


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