Ep. 37: Tara Nicole Williams on Body Image, Fat-Shaming, and Typecasting in the Theater

Ep. 37: Tara Nicole Williams on Body Image, Fat-Shaming, and Typecasting in the Theater

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Last week, Bill Maher made a comment that, “Fat-shaming needs to make a comeback.” Believe me, as someone who has struggled with their weight pretty much my whole life, this kind of remark is not only hurtful, but it normalizes bullying and disrespect. I was made fun of in school, on the school bus, on the athletic field, and even by members of my own family for being a “big girl” so when I hear a comment like Maher made last week, it is like pouring salt in a wound that may have scabbed over with time but never quite healed. As an actor, educator, and combat artist, Tara Nicole Williams, has also experienced fat-shaming and bullying and has a lot to say about body image, typecasting, and representation on stage. Currently, Williams is staring as the ingénue in the Honest Pint Theatre Company production of THE METROMANIACS running through September 29th at North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre. For more information visit https://www.honestpinttheatre.org/.

About the Guest

Tara Nicole Williams talks fat-shaming, body image, and typecasting onstage.

Tara Nicole Williams is an actor, educator, and combat artist raised, right here, in Raleigh, NC. She has trained with the Society of American Fight Directors for the last 10 years, specializing in German Longsword and high fantasy choreography. She has also facilitated the introduction of intimacy choreography to the Triangle community; organizing workshops and special events. Currently, she is pursuing her Intimacy Director status with Intimacy Directors International.  Along with her own training, she manages the Stage Combat Academy of North Carolina, assisting Fight Director Jeff A.R. Jones. Tara also teaches stage combat, acting, and movement with universities, schools, and organizations locally, regionally, and nationally. Her work focuses on empowering actors to own their unique physicality – using movement to tell intricate stories.  Most recently she has appeared on stage in Raleigh Little Theatre’s production of DON’T DRESS FOR DINNER, for which she won a Cantey Award as Suzette. Tara is currently in Honest Pint Theatre’s production of THE METROMANIACS as Lucille. Her previous fight/intimacy choreography credits include: THE LEGEND OF GEORGIA McBRIDE (Honest Pint Theatre), BASKERVILLE: A SHERLOCK HOLMES MYSTERY (Raleigh Little Theatre), JULIUS CAESAR (William Peace University), CARMEN (NC Opera), THE MIRACLE WORKER (Seed Art Share), and SHE KILLS MONSTERS (Meredith College). She will be revisiting SHE KILLS MONSTERS this month with the University of Nebraska. For more information visit https://www.taranicolewilliams.com/.


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