Ep. 10: 47 Years of Triangle Theater History with Theater Critic Roy Dicks

Ep. 10: 47 Years of Triangle Theater History with Theater Critic Roy Dicks

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Many people know Roy Dicks as a theater critic writing for ‘The News & Observer’ for nearly two decades. But he also became the purveyor of Triangle theater history, a history he shared with RDU on Stage, the Triangle theater podcast. On this episode, Roy talks about the long history of this dynamic creative community starting back in the 1970s when he first moved to Raleigh. He also refers to a running list of Triangle theater companies and presenters he has been keeping. He so graciously shared that list with RDU on Stage and it is now available on the website (link below) in the sidebar on any of the website pages. On a personal note, Roy has always been so supportive and encouraging of me as an emerging theater critic, and I am just so glad I had the chance to sit down with him and talk about theater criticism, the rich theater history here in the Triangle, and an art form and community we both truly love.

Be sure to listen to Episode 9 wherein Roy talks about theater criticism, the evolution of arts coverage in both print publications and online, and what’s next for him.

About the Guest

Roy C. Dicks has undergraduate degrees in English and in Drama from East Carolina University and a Masters of Library Science from UNC-Chapel Hill. His theater background includes performing in 65 productions at area university, community and dinner theaters, as well as directing 34 productions in the Triangle for those same theaters, including productions for Raleigh Ensemble Players, the theater company he co-founded and was co-artistic director for from 1982 to 1992. He wrote theater reviews for Raleigh’s weekly ‘Spectator Magazine’ from 1978-1986 (250 reviews) and was performing arts writer for the daily Raleigh ‘News and Observer’ from 1997 to 2018 (1,200 reviews,  previews and interviews). He currently writes theater reviews for the online website, ‘Classical Voice of North Carolina’ (CVNC). Roy also has written for Opera Quarterly,’ ‘American Record Guide,’ ‘Dance Magazine’ and ‘Pointe Magazine.’ He is a member of the Music Critics Association of North America and the American Theatre Critics Association

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