Raleigh Area Theater Companies & Presenters

Does not include high school theater programs or companies exclusively for children. Each organization is a separate entity; some use the same venues or emanate from the same institution but are wholly separate.

Companies that Offer Classes but No Productions of Their Own

On Hiatus

  • Shaw Players
  • HiSTORY Stage (no schedule since 2015)
  • Urban Garden Performing Arts (now only collaborative/interdisciplinary)
  • Exit Though Eden
  • St. Augustine Players
  • GASP Theatre Co.  (summer program at Cardinal Gibbons High School)
  • Stillwater Theatre (at Meredith College)
  • Three Foxes Theatre Company


  • Raleigh Ensemble Players (closed on May 3, 2012 after 30 years)
  • Free Association Theatre Ensemble Cary (closed on April 30, 2012)
  • Distillery Theatre
  • Owl Tree Theater for the People (nothing since 2013)
  • Common Wealth Endeavors (defunct as of 2015)
  • Delta Boys (moved to Brooklyn after last local production in Jan. 2018)
  • McQueen & Company (founder moved to DC in 2018)

Special thanks to Roy C. Dicks for his contributions to this listing.

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